Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions – Reunion Related

Registration Fee – Why is there a fee, is it required of all attendees and what is it for?
The registration fee is a required and mandatory fee for each person attending the Reunion. This includes the shipmate/crew member registering as well as all people in your group such as spouses, children, friends, etc..

Membership Fee – What is the Membership Fee and is it required?
Membership in the USS Will Rogers Veteran’s Association is purely optional, but it is the entity that funds the initial payments and deposits necessary in order to secure a reunion hotel and activity opportunities.  The mission of the Association is to provide the means and to arrange opportunities for the members to enjoy camaraderie with former shipmates of the USS Will Rogers and their families. For more information ob Association Membership please visit the Membership Page.

Membership Fees – What are the Association Membership Fees?
(as stated in the Bylaws)
Section 4 – Annual dues will be $10.00 (amount to be determined at the biennial business meeting) and will cover a period from 1 January through 31 December.  To reduce the administrative burden of annual dues collection, all dues will be collected in two year increments ($20).  New members, paying their dues after 1 October of the current year, will have their dues credited to the next calendar year. Any change in annual dues will require a majority vote of the paid-up members present at the biennial business meeting. Dues will be paid to the Treasurer who will provide a paid-up list to the Newsletter Editor for publishing.

Section 5 – Life membership shall be made available through the following dues structure: $50.00 – for eligible members age 65 and older.
$100.00 – for eligible members age 60 to 65.
$150.00 – for eligible members age 55 to 60.
$200.00 – for eligible members age 50 to 55.
$250.00 – for eligible members age 45 to 50.
To become a Life Member please download this form and follow the instructions.
USS Will Rogers Association LIFE Membership Application