See Who Is REGISTERED for the 2019 Reunion

See Who Is REGISTERED for the 2019 Reunion

Last Update:  20 May 2019 1330 ET
96 Total
Last Name First Name Attendees Rate / Rank? Years on Board Crew? Plankowner?
Bergeson William  (Bill} William  (Bill} Bergeson, Joyce Bergeson, TM3 SS 68-71 Gold No
Bingham David David Bingham, MM1(SS) 1975-1980 Blue No
Bliss Russell Russell Bliss, ET1 3 Gold Yes
Bowles Roger Roger Bowles, Bridgett Bowles, TM3(SS) 1985-1988 Gold No
Brill Harry Harry Brill, Nadia Mohammed, IC2/SS 1985-1988 Blue No
Bryant Ray Ray Bryant, QMC(SS) 1976 – 1979 Gold
Buckta David David Buckta, Beverly Buckta, Abigail Buckta, LT 87-90 Gold No
Colella Earl Earl Colella, MM2 (SS) then, MAJ USA RET now 1976-1980 G No
Cook Glen Glen Cook, Jean Cook, RMC(SS) 1968/1970 GOLD No
Damlo Steve Steve Damlo, Sue Damlo, MM1 SS 70-75 Gold/blue No
Dennis Ronald Ronald Dennis, Annabelle Bartsch, CDR 3 Blue No
Dominique Leo & Joannie Leo Dominique, Joannie Dominique, CDR (on board), CAPT, Ret (Now) 1987-1990 Gold No
Espinoza Robert Bob Espinoza, STS3(SS) 2 Gold No
Esthay Darryl Darryl Esthay, MM2(SS) 3 Gold No
Fier Kevin Kevin Fier, MM1/SS ’85-’89 Blue No
Flor Frederick Frederick Flor, LT 66-70 Gold Yes
Gibb Brian Brian Gibb, STSCS 3 Gold No
Granlund Rick Rick Granlund, ET1(SS) Oct 1963 – Jan 1966 Blue Yes
Greany Ed Ed Greany, Robin Greany, STS2(SS) 4 Gold Yes
Gugel Alan (Barney) Alan (Barney) Gugel, Deborah Gugel, MT2 SS 1970 – 1974 Blue No
Hammers Gregory Gregory Hammers, Jennifer Hammers, MT2/SS ’79-’83 Blue No
Hero Dave Dave  Hero, Paula Hero, FTB/1st class 4 1/2 Gold No
Hopkins James James Hopkins, PJ Hopkins, MM2/E5 4 Gold and combined No
Icenhower Howard Howard Icenhower, Christine Icenhower, MT2/MT1 1968/1971 Blue No
Jones Henry Henry Jones, Diane Jones, MM1 (SS) 1968 – 1972 Blue
Jones Richard Richard Jones, Nellwyn Beamon, LCDR 1985 – 1988 GOLD No
Jordan Steve  ( Odin ) Steve  ( Odin ) Jordan, Kathy Jordan, STS2 (SS) 3 Blue Yes
Kaiser Bruce Bruce Kaiser, Patricia Kaiser, FTB2 3.5 No
Kaiser Bruce Bruce Kaiser, Patricia Kaiser, FTB2 4.5 gold No
Kersteter Joel Joel Kersteter, Lee Kersteter, Ens/Ltjg 2 Gold No
Krzykowski Henry Henry Krzykowski, MM 77-81 Go No
Leigon David David Leigon, MT2SS 1979-1981 Blue No
Letscher Carl Carl Letscher, MT2 SS 1971 – 1975 Gold/Yard No
Marsh Larry Larry Marsh, Barb Marsh, CDR Then; RADM Now 4 GOLD No
Moraes Joe Joe Moraes, Marsha Moraes, EM2 3 Blue No
Moses Ellis Ellis Moses, Colleen Moses, MM1(SS) 3.5 Blue No
nicholson frederick frederick nicholson, mary anne nicholson, e3 2.5 blue No
Olexik Chuck Chuck Olexik, Meg Olexik, LT when on Will Rogers 77-79 Gold No
Parks Leo Leo Parks, EM1  (ss) 4.5 Blue No
Poulos Andy Andy Poulos, Debbie Poulos, LT then; CAPT (Ret.) now 3 Gold No
Putnam Roger Roger Putnam, cheryl putnam, STSC(ss) 3 gold No
Reed Daniel & Margaret Daniel  Reed, Margaret Reed, MT3,MT2,MT1 1969-1975 Blue 6 patrols Gold 1 patrols No
Robertson Dennis Dennis Robertson, Diane Robertson, FTB1(SS) 3.5 GOLD Yes
Roughgarden Len Len Roughgarden, ET1 6 B No
Smith David David Smith, Elizabeth (\’Katie\’) Smith, FTB1(SS) 1966 – 1969 GOLD Yes
Smith Harvey Harvey Smith, Catherine Weaver, STS 3 SS 3 Gold No
Smith Marvin Marvin Smith, Kathy Smith, FTB2 3 years, 6 patrols Blue No
Snyder Daniel Daniel Snyder, Joan Snyder, ETC (SS) 1984-1987 Blue No
Solarek Charles Charles Solarek, MM2-MM1 82-87 Blue
Stout John John Stout, MM1 (SS) 4.5 Blue No
Talley David David Talley, Dr Miriam Talley, Aleksandra (Ola) Kocur, FTB @(SS) 1977-1981 Gold No
Testa Ron Ron Testa, Linda Testa, LTJG 1976-1979 GOLD No
VanDuzer Jay Jay VanDuzer, Christine VanDuzer, MMCS 1990-1991 Gold No
wattenbarger martin Martinmartin Wattenbarger, Kaye Gilfoy, MT1(SS) 2 Blue No
Webb Lance Lance Webb, IC3 3/1/2002 Gold No
Webb James James Webb, MM2 4 Gold No
Wright Malcolm (Mal) Malcolm (Mal) Wright, CAPT,  USN (Ret) 8 (2 Tours) Blue (both tours) No