See Who Attended the 2017 Reunion

Below are the Crew Members Officially Registered to attend the 2017 Reunion

Last Update:  27 March 2017, 1000 ET
143 Shipmates
225 Total
Last Name Attendees State Rate / Rank Years on Board Crew? Plankowner
agolio al agolio, Ginny  Agolio, Ct MS 2 (ss) 79-82 Gold No
Bergeson Bill Bergeson, Joyce Craig, NY TM3 1968 – 1971 Gold
Bliss Russell Bliss, Candace Hart, Colorado ET1 1966-1969 Gold Yes
Bowles Roger Bowles, Bridgett Bowles, TX TM3(ss) 4 Gold No
Bowne Jr Norman Bowne Jr, Nancy Bowne, MA MT2(SS)/E5 5 Years Gold-Shipyard-Blue No
Brill Harry Brill, TX IC2/SS 1985-1988 Blue No
Brockhoff Chuck Brockhoff, PA Lt 1976-1979 Gold No
Bromberek Raymond Bromberek, Sally Bromberek, CT ETR2(SS)/ET1(SS) 1966-1968 Gold Yes
Brown Don Brown, Dayl Brown, Ca MMCS(SS) USN (RET) 5 B No
Buchanan Dan Buchanan, Karen Buchanan, CT MMCS/SS 85-87 Shipyard, Blue No
Buckta David Buckta, Beverly Buckta, Abigail Buckta, PA LT 87-90 Gold No
Butler Joseph Butler, Chris Butler, PA IC2, SS 2.5 Gold No
Butler Joseph Butler, Chris Butler, PA IC2/SS 2.5 Gold No
Cather Wally Cather, Patience Cather, Washington RM2(SS) 5 Blue No
Chabot William Chabot, MA ET2/SS 4 Blue No
Clark Lawrence Clark, Linda Clark, Jeremy Clark, Christina Clark, IL MM1(SS) 3 Gold No
Colella Earl Colella, Jaynee Colella, PA MM2 (SS) 76-80 Gold No
Commons Barry Commons, Carol Commons, California FTG1(SS) 1967-1971 Gold (precom) & Blue (patrols) Yes
Crabtree Cliff  Crabtree , Judy  Crabtree , CA QM2 (SS) 1967-1969 Pre-construction +Blue Yes
David Bifulco David, PA ET3 1985-1989 Gold No
Davis Rick Davis, CA 1974-1978 Gold No
DeFrehn Frenchy DeFrehn, Kim DeFrehn, CT STS1(SS) 4 BLUE No
Delk Whiting Delk, Elaine  Delk, Tennessee IC-1 (SS) 4 Blue No
Dennis Ronald Dennis, Annabelle Bartsch, CT CDR 3 Blue No
Dillon Chris Dillon, Brenda Robillard, CT FTG2/E5 2 Gold No
Dittenhofer Bill Dittenhofer, Co ET-1 4.5 Blue No
Doherty Guy Doherty, NJ STS/SS 5 Gold No
Dolan Peter Dolan, Connecticut Lt/CDR 1972-1974 1981-1985 Blu/Gold No
Dominique Leo Dominique, Joannie Dominique, VA CDR 1987-1990 Gold No
Donald Michael Donald, Nancy Donald, tx MM2 10/86-8/90 Gold No
Dow Gordon Dow, Fleurette Dow, New Hampshire FTB1 3 Gold No
Elsasser Tom (Thomas C) Elsasser, PA LCDR/CAPT 1970-72 Blue No
Espinoza Robert Espinoza, NH STS3(SS), STS2(SS)-USNR 1971-1981 Gold
Eustace Thomas Eustace, Candace Eustace, NY MM3 4 Gold Crew Yes
Fields Rob Fields, Lynda Fields, MA STS3(SS) – STS1(SS) 1982-1986 Blue Crew, Shipyard, Blue Crew No
Filiatreault James Filiatreault, CT Blue and Decom Crew No
Filomeno Vito Filomeno, NJ Rm2(ss)/E-5 1984-1989 blue/gold No
Flor Fred Flor, Marlene Flor, PA LT 66-70 Gold Yes
Foss Kevin Foss, Christine Foss, New York MT-2 (SS) 4 Blue No
Fowler Michael Fowler, Susanne Fowler, CT EM1(SS) 87-90 Gold No
Franzoni Carl Franzoni, CT LCDR 81-83 B No
Galeaz Kevin Galeaz, Robin Galeaz, New Hampshire FTB2 (SS) 3.5 months Blue No
Gambin Wayne Gambin, CT CDR 4 Blue No
Gates Michael Gates, Judy Gates, Pa TM2(SS) 4 Gold
Geletka Neil Geletka, Laurie Geletka, Pa HMCM 1989-1991 Blue No
Gibb Brian Gibb, RI STSCS 3 Gold No
grady james grady, Ohio FTG1/SS 5 blue No
Grammer Paul Grammer, Eileen Grammer, CT RMCM(SS) COB GOLD 1989 – 1992 GOLD No
Granlund Rick Granlund, Virginia ET1(SS) 3 Blue Yes
Gugel Alan Gugel, Debbie Gugel, NJ MT2 70-74 Blue No
Hamme Philip Hamme, VA ET2/SS 84-87 Gold No
Hammers Gregory Hammers, Jennifer Hammers, MA Blue No
Harris Jefferson Harris, Maurene Kennedy, CT ETC(SS) 80-83 Blue No
Harvison Larry Harvison, Anita Harvison, CT RMCS(SS) Dec 85- Jan 88 Gold No
hero david hero, paula hero, ma FTB1(SS) 4 gold No
Holland Barry Holland, Virginia (Ginger) Holland, Maine LCDR 1976-1980 Gold No
Hopkins James  Hopkins, P J Hopkins, Delaware MM2/E5 4 Gold No
Huston Gary Huston, Donna Huston, La EM1 81-83 No
Icenhower Howard L Icenhower, Christine Icenhower, Pa MT1 68-71 B No
Jones Henry Jones, Diane Jones, AL MM 1 (SS) Nuclear 4 Blue No
Jones Derrick Jones, Andy Jones, TN STS2(SS) 2 Blue No
Jones Bill Jones, Bob Wild MM2SSDV, Carol nash, Ohio MM3SSDV 1967 – 1969 Blue Yes
Jordan Stephen Jordan, David Jordan, California STS3 (SS) 3+ Blue Yes
Kappelman Charlie Kappelman, Patty Kappelman, CT ET1(ss) 1969-1975 (8 patrols & 1 overhaul) Blue No
Keegler Ken Keegler, MA IC1 (SS) 2-67 to 4-69 Gold Yes
Kelley Paul F Kelley, Elizabeth A (Betty) Kelley, RI IC1 11 Gold Yes
Kersteter Joel Kersteter, LEE KERSTETER, Connecticut Ens/LTjg 2 2 No
Kloner John Kloner, Ct QM2(SS) 1968-1971 Gold No
Knize Don Knize, Lynn Knize, va CDR 77-80 Blue No
LaBarge Paul LaBarge, Monique LaBarge, PA EM1 86-88 Blue No
Latz Dennis Latz, Jennifer Latz, CT MM1(SS) 2 Gold No
Laymon Jeffrey Laymon, Nancy Laymon, Christopher Laymon, Charlie Laymon, Henry Laymon, IN MT3/SS 4 Blue & Gold No
Leblanc Victor Leblanc, Anne Leblanc, Susan Leblanc, MA MT2/SS Oct 1980 to Apr 1988 Gold and Blue No
Leigon David Leigon, MA MT2(SS) 1977-1979 Blue No
Letscher Carl Letscher, Doreen Bradford, Va. MT2 (SS) 1971-1975 Gold No
Linder Bruce Linder, Telissa Linder, Andrew Shanks, CT STS3/SS 3 Gold No
Mallory Andrew Mallory, CT STS2/SS  E-5 4 Gold No
Manzi Donald Manzi, Debra Manzi, CT MM3(SS) 1970-1974 blue No
Marsh Larry Marsh, Barb Marsh, VA Commander, CO GOLD 1977-81 Gols No
martin bobby martin, New York ETC(SS) 73-77 BLUE No
Mc Guire Dewitt O (Doc) Mc Guire, Joan A Mc Guire, South Carolina HMC (SS) 4.5. years GOLD No
McCarthy Larry McCarthy, Elaine Joyce, Massachusetts LTJG 3 Blue/Gold No
McGuirk John McGuirk, NY FTB1 1977-1982 Gold
McMasters Robert McMasters, Virginia LT 3 Gold No
Meier Thomas Meier, Cindy Meier, Virginia ET1 4 Blue No
Morrow Dave Morrow, Gloria Morrow , Ct STSCS (SS) 4 Gold No
Nees John Nees, VA ET-1/SS 4 Blue No
nicholson frederick nicholson, mary anne  nicholson, vt e3 ss 67\69 blue No
olmstead steven olmstead, Carol Olmstead, ct. mm2 ss 4 gold No
Oppel Gary  Oppel, Monique  Oppel , CT ET2/E5 1985-1988 Blue No
Orstad Paul Orstad, Linda Orstad, CT TMC(SS) USN Ret. Oct 1972 to Oct 1976 Blue crew in yard overhaul, Gold for Patrols No
Otcasek Joseph Otcasek, Patty Otcasek, OH IC 2 80-82 Gold No
Parks Leo Parks, Carol Parks, Nebraska EM1 4 1/2 Blue No
Patterson Thom Eric Patterson, OR IC / E4 2 Blue No
Pease Gary Pease, New Jersey QMC / E-7 2 Blue and Decom No
Peters Gerald Peters, Regina Peters, CT MMCS (SS) 1969-75 & 1979-83 Blue & Gold No
Poulos Andy Poulos, Debbie Poulos, NC LT / CAPT (Ret.) 1977 – 1980 Gold No
Powell Alvin Powell, Martha Powell, NC ETI(SS) gold Yes
Pownall Kevin Pownall, MA STS2 1979-1982 Blue
Prandy William Prandy, Carol Prandy, CT MT 1 6 Blue No
Reed Daniel Reed, Margaret Reed, Nathan Reed, Emily Reed, PA MT1(SS) 1969-1975 Blue 7 Patrol Gold 1Patrol No
Reed Ron Reed, CONNECTICUT STS2 ’89-’93 Gold/Decomm No
Reese Michael W Reese, Cynthia S Reese, TN MM1 3 Blue No
Rendrick Robert Rendrick, Ellen Rendrick, MA TM2 71-74 Blue No
Riffle Mark  Riffle, Susan Riffle, MA MM2/SS 1984 – 1987 Blue No
Robertson Dennis   Robertson, Diane Robertson, GA FTB1(SS) 1965 – 1969  (New construction + 4 Patrols) Gold Yes
Russack Barry Russack, CT TMCM(SS)(DV) Blue No
Russell Paul Russell, CA Lt 2/69-12/71 Blue No
Sanders Darren  Sanders , Connecticut STS1 2 Gold No
Sharpe Ken Sharpe, RI TMCS(SS) Ret 1966-1972 Blue Yes
Sievers Gary Sievers, Jeanne Sievers, CT TM1 3-76 -9-80 Gold No
Slipka Steven Slipka, Barbara Riley, CA FTB2 2.5 Blue No
Smith Harvey Smith, Catherine Weaver, PENNSYLVANIA STS 3 / SS 1977-1980 Gold No
Smith Marshall Smith, Mary Lou Smith, CT MMCM(SS) 1977-1982 Blue No
Smith David Smith, Katie Smith, MA FYB1(SS) Gold Yes
Smith Marvin Smith, Kathy Smith, Ontario, Canada FTB2 1969-1971 Blue No
Smith Douglas Smith, Barbara  Smith, WA TM2 (SS) 4 Gold Yes
Snyder Dan Snyder, Joan Snyder, WA ET!/ETC 1984-1987 Blue No
Solarek Charles Solarek, WA MM2-MM1 5.5 Blue No
Stone Bill Stone, CT 4 Gold/Blue No
Strother Dennis Strother, Nanci Strother, Maryland O-4 2 years + Blue No
Talley David Talley, Miriam Talley, TX FTB 3 & 2 ’77-‘8177-’81 GOLD No
Tarnasky Mike Tarnasky, Mary Tarnasky, CT STS3SS 1967-1968 Blue No
Testa Ron Testa, Linda Testa, WA LCDR, USN, Ret 1976-1979 GOLD No
Thompson Richard  M Thompson, Ma MM2(SS) 1968—–1972 Gold No
Torres Chris Torres, Lynn Torres, S.C. MT2(SS) 2 Gold No
Van Duzer Jay Van Duzer, Christine Van Duzer, OK MMCS 1989 – 1991 Gold No
Van Duzer Nicole Van Duzer, OK No
Veny James Veny, Michael Veny, CA EM1 SS 1965 -1969 Gold Yes
Vervoort John Vervoort, Cathy Vervoort, New Jersey MM2(SS) 2.5 Blue No
Watkins Robert Watkins, Judy Watkins, Florida SK3 4 Blue No
Wilkinson John Wilkinson, Pauline Wilkinson, CT. QMC(SS) 1966-68 Blue Yes
Wright Malcolm Wright, WA Captain 8 Blue No
Wright Jeffrey Wright, NY STS1/SS 1984-1988 BLUE/GOLD No
Wright Jack Wright, ny STS1/SS 79-81, 82-84, 85-87 BLUE/GOLD No