Ship’s Operating History

We would like to collect dates on patrols and significant events as well as crew lists for each period as possible. As you can see we are at the very beginning stages of this effort. Please review the below current info and if you have info to share, please email at the address below. I’d like to see what kind of progress we can make between now and our 2019 Reunion.

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Patrol # or Significant Event Start Date End Date Location Comments
Contract 29-Jul-63 EB, Groton, CT
Keel Laid 20-Mar-66 EB, Groton, CT
Launched 21-Jul-66 EB, Groton, CT
Sea Trials Feb-67
Polaris ballistic missile launch 31-Jul-67 Atlantic Missile Range off Cape Kennedy, Florida
Patrol 1 Oct-67 departed Charleston, S.C.
Patrol 2
Patrol 3
Patrol 4
Patrol 5
Patrol 6 Jan-70 Mar-70 Rota, Spain
Patrol 7 Apr-70 Jun-70
Patrol 8 Jul-70 Sep-70 Holy Loch, Scotland
Patrol 9 Oct-70 Dec-70 Holy Loch, Scotland
Patrol 10 Jan-71 Mar-71 Holy Loch, Scotland
Patrol 11 Apr-71 Jun-71 Holy Loch, Scotland
Patrol 12 Jul-71 Sep-71 Holy Loch, Scotland
Patrol 13 Oct-71 Dec-71 Holy Loch, Scotland
POSEIDON conversion Oct-72 Feb-74 Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
Gold Crew 15-May-74 launched two POSEIDON (C-3) missiles in support of the ship’s Demonstration and Shakedown Operation.
22-Sep-74 Deployed for operational patrol. Following C-3 conversion at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, ROGERS launched a POSEIDON (C-3) missile in support of the ship’s Demonstration and Shakedown Operation.
Blue Crew 22-Oct-74 Successfully launched four POSEIDON (C-3) missiles in an Operational Test.
Patrol 14
Patrol 15
Patrol 16
Patrol 17
Patrol 18
Patrol 19
Patrol 20
Patrol 21
Patrol 22
Patrol 23
Patrol 24
Patrol 25
Patrol 26
Patrol 27
Patrol 28
Patrol 29
Patrol 30
Patrol 31
Patrol 32
Patrol 33
Patrol 34
Patrol 35
Patrol 36
Patrol 37
Patrol 38
Patrol 39
Patrol 40
Patrol 41
Patrol 42
Patrol 43
Patrol 44
Patrol 45
Patrol 46
Patrol 47
Patrol 48
Patrol 49
Patrol 50