Reunion History

The USS Will Rogers Veterans Association was formed during our preparations for the 2006 Reunion held in Groton, CT celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the ships commissioning.

Past Reunion Dates & Locations

2017 Reunion
Groton, CT
50th Anniversary of USS Will Rogers Commissioning

Coordinators – Bruce & Kim DeFrehn

2015 Reunion
Bremerton, WA
Coordinators – Dave & Miram Talley

2013 Reunion
Portsmouth, NH

In conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of the loss of the USS Thresher
Coordinators – Bruce & Kim DeFrehn

2011 Reunion
San Diego, CA
Coordinators – Ed & Robin Greany

2008 Reunion
Charlestown, SC
Coordinators – Rob & Lynda Fields

2006 Reunion
Groton, CT
40th Anniversary of USS Will Rogers Commissioning
Coordinators – Arthur “Arch” Achtemeier

The Association recognizes reunions and their coordinators prior to our formation and these include:

2001 Reunion
Tulsa, OK
TJ “Heavy Guns” Oman

1991 Reunion
Groton / New London, CT
TJ “Heavy Guns” Oman

*Please email [email protected] with any and all information on past reunions so we may properly recognize and thank the coordinators.